Inspired by Eastern spiritual traditions and Mystical arts, NAALMA is an independant label of exclusive precious jewelry founded in 2016 by Laurence Wilkosz de Almeida, a French designer.

Growing up in the french countryside with her grandmother, who was used to read tarot cards for family and friends, Laurence has been very early attracted by the world of the unseen and symbols. 
As art is the best connexion between the invisible and the visible, she studied fashion design in art school Duperré in Paris, and then worked in fashion and performing arts for several years.

While traveling trough Asia, she fell in love with philosophical traditions, yoga and asian aesthetic. She decided to create her own label with timeless, meaningful, affordable and everyday luxury jewels for women.

NAALMA is an acronym for the first name of the designer, her husband and her daughter: Laurence, Manuel et Anna. The name is also very symbolic, as in Portuguese , her husband’s native language, « Na alma » means « Into the Soul ». 
It resonates with the philosophy of the brand: to inspire and encourage you to explore you inner world and express who you are.