NAALMA is a a luxury lifestyle brand with a collection of finely crafted one of a kind jewels, inspired by Yoga, Meditation and Sacred Numbers.

Since ancient times , men and women wear jewels entwined with symbols and stones to celebrate beauty and to connect with the spiritual world. As a reflection of our inner being and our spiritual quest, jewelry reveal where we have been, where we are and where we would like to go.

Naalma's collections follow you on this personnal journey in order to set up your intentions, and find what you need deep inside you to find your own truth and to growth:  love, inner peace, strenght or protection.

Using freely spiritual and mystical symbols, our collections are designed looking at energetic and healing properties of stones. Number of beads is carefully chosen, as in Malas used for Meditation, in order to create a sacred and symbolic piece of jewel for your everyday life. 

With a fusion of raw luxury and precious delicacy, collections are created to communicate the balance of you sensitivity and your inner power.

Each piece, as a reminder, is an invitation to listen to your Heart, follow your Dreams and express your Soul.


Our jewelry is made with care, the finest attention to detail and quality finishes.

All pieces are handcrafted in our workshop in France, on the French Riviera, with semi-precious stones, 24K gold plated over sterling silver and 14K gold filled. 

Naalma focuses on direct relationships with customers to offer precious pieces at affordable prices.

Each design is produced in limited editions, as each gemstone is special and unique. Just as our customers are.