Our Jewelry is made with care ,the finest attention to detail and quality finishes.

They are made with semi-precious gemstones, gold plated over silver or gold filled.

In order to preserve their original appearance, here are a few helpful care tips:

* * *

As metal and gems are quite delicate, please remove your jewelry when applying sprays, perfumes or lotions.

Jewelery should also be removed when showering, exercising and swimming.

* * *

Store your jewelry individually in a jewelry box or ziploct, when not being worn.

Storing away from air, light and moisture helps prevent tarnishing and oxidization.

Limit contacts with rough surfaces or other metals to protect your stones from bumps and scratches.

* * *

To clean your jewel, it is recommended to use a soft cloth or microfiber. 

* * *


Slight variations in color and size can occur from one piece to another as gemstones come from natural raw materials.

* * *

Jewelry handknotted with silk thread will stretch substantially in length after being worn, because of the very nature of this thread.

The patina tends to disappear along the time. Speed with which it disappears depends on the way the jewel is used. The fading patina is the result of natural wear, which is perfectly normal.